About norilabs

Biology meets Technology

Ever wondered how scientists have come up with all those crazy new ideas?

Well now you can look into and visit our laboratory.

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Sharing Science Stories

We invite you to our laboratory, where we will be working on biology related projects and experiments, as well with electronics engineering and programming projects. Showing our followers how we work on each and how we've been joining them all. We aspire to bring bits of our discoveries into your life as amusement to the unknown,  as an education tool, and most importantly as inspiration to achieve whatever you propose!

Beauty of Microscopy

We are frequently astonished with the natural beauty in our macro-world, join us to be astonished with the microscopic world as well! We are surrounded with unimaginable organisms, and one of our goals is to provide perspective to all those following us (science & non-science colleagues) about what we find in drops of the Island we were born... and all the other possibilities inside this laboratory!